Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since June 13. (D13-17)

Wow, has it really been that long since a post? Hmm. Damn, must have been pretty busy with all of this stuff. But praise be to God, the hectic part is over. I'm back to my regular schedule now. And I start my diet again tomorrow. These past few days havent been healthy at all because of all the curry and carbs that I have been eating. It's fancy home food. That stuff that your mother makes only when you have special guests come over. Not even regular relatives. It's the kind of food that comes after many months. Lol. So many kinds of Bhunas, Lentils, Basmati, Pilaf, Biryani and all of that south-Asian good ishh.

As delicious as it was, the binge has come to an end. I'm glad it did. Anything that I lost back when I was dieting has for surely come back. As for the even worse news, someone broke my DSLR's lens this morning. No one is confessing and now I'm starting to think that one of the guests have probably broken it. JUST when I was about to send it back to Sony for a repair, it breaks even more and looks neglected - which is deffo not covered by the warranty.

I was planning on spending my money on furniture and paying off half of my credit card but damn. I still haven't been paid yet from work. Argh. Let's see. I just need to pay $185 this month and I'm set. So, God willing, I'll be just fine once I get my check, lol. My older brother also uses my credit card, so he has some to pay as well, which is a whole 'nother amount.

I think I can still buy the lens - the replacement for $50. I also wanted to buy a pair of shelves for $47 on Walmart. One for me and another for the sibling. I think it's an awesome deal. I also have to save a hundred or two every month for my car. My parents paid for most of it, so I want to take responsibility and pay them back, little by little.

Anyways, no financial worries. I'm 18, for God's sake. I just need to make sure I pay my part of the credit card bill and my phone bill. That's about it.

Anywho, another day awaits. Nighty night.


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