Monday, June 10, 2013

A Mess of a Person (D8-10)

Alrighty. So thing's have finally calmed down and I'm not as busy anymore. For now! Another event awaits this weekend and I feel the PR and Media work coming. I guess it's time to brace myself in a few days. I told myself that I would fix my websites: the photography, the culinary, and my personal (this) blogspot. I started on the photography site in the afternoon during my shift at our store, but then I just didn't feel comfortable doing it there. I said I'd do it when I get home.

I got home at around 3:15pm - it was time for lunch. I ended up having Beef Bhuna with a Cilantro Chili Lime sauce and a Whole Wheat Pita slice. I couldn't help myself. My friends all know that it's my weakness. Oh it's saucy goodness. I wasn't supposed to eat the pita. Oh the delicious carbs. The problem with eating Bhuna is that is has loads of pureed onions in the original curry base. Onions = carbs. But it's acceptable because they're complex and natural carbs in it's raw form. But then comes the oil and beef. My mom never uses olive oil for cooking as she finds using soy bean or canola oil much more economic. Bhunas require a lot of oil as it helps coat the meat very well with the spices. Another thing is that I'm not supposed to have red meat. *sigh*. Especially beef.

After serving up a bowl of bhuna and grabbing a slice of pita, I head on over to the living room and loaded a movie on the flix. We ended up watching this one horror movie. I watch movies on my own terms. I don't let others judge or rate the movie for me. I give them a chance, lol. Nonetheless, it was one of those movies that leave you thinking WTF at the end. After the movie, I got took a 30 minute rest. I uploaded some pictures on Flickr and got a little work done. I then get a call from a cousin to help shop for her graduation party.

We ended up going to Meijer. They barely know their way out of Hamtramck, so I drove them around. We placed an order on a butter-cream frosting marble half sheet marble cake for $35. It was a novelty one too, so I guess it was decently priced. We also got some decor for the party, which was pretty fun. I then took them to Dollar Tree to shop for party plates and cups. After half an hour of trying to decide, we checked out and ended up going to Burlingtons. We spent a while there as they looked for gifts to bring to their other friend's grad parties. All I could say is that they got good deals and I did some eye shopping, if you know what I mean.

We got back around 9:45pm, and I got hungry. I ended up eating a few florets of cauliflower with a small piece of chicken breast and tossed in a little bit of oil with spices. It was great and all but not satisfying. I ended up eating two pieces of small chicken wings with that cilantro chili sauce from before. As soon as I get to my room to start editing, I get called downstairs and my parents start having a talk with the older one and I. My father is saying that people tell him that he has such good kids and stuff and how he wants us to stay like that and not get into any kind of trouble, especially one that can affect one's family reputation. I'm almost in my 20s. I got better things to worry about - like finding a job. He's turning 21 in 10 days and he's busy with school. We're better than that. Or at least, I hope.

After all that, I went to take a shower and by the time I got out, it was already 1am. So here I am now. Writing this. I did something horrible today. I ate. I ate chocolate. And caramel. And peanuts. Sugar. I hate myself. That and that bag of Cheetos was the mistake I made today.

Here is my food diary today (D10):
Brunch: Chicken (1 thigh) with Cilantro Sauce
Late Lunch: Beef Bhuna with Whole Wheat Pita & Cilantro Sauce
Misc (My mistakes): A few Chocolate & Peanut clusters, salted caramel with milk chocolate, two chocolate covered pretzels, and a bag of cheetos.
Dinner: 1/3 cup of chopped cauliflower with piece of Chicken Breast. 2 Small chicken wings with Cilantro sauce.

As for yesterday (D9), it too was a mess. I had 4 mini samosas for breakfast, some Dhal with a little bit of light basmati pilaf for lunch, 3 more mini samosas throughout the day, and a low fat chicken naan pizza made with naan (as crust), fat free cheese, shredded chicken (left over fried chicken), cauliflower and mushrooms.

As for the day before that (D8), we had a program. I don't even want to discuss about the crap that I ate. I screwed up BIG TIME that day, food wise of course.

Sigh. I screwed up today. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll do better. Another day awaits.


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