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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First & Last of July

Well then. It's been quite a while since I've last posed. I will get back to this soon. I promise.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Personal Care: Skin

Everyone has noticed how my acne is decreasing and how soft my skin is at times. It's just taking care of your skin. That's all. Some products will react badly with your skin, some wont do anything and some are a miracle. One thing I know for a fact is that you should change the product based on the season/weather.

For the Face:
I use Biore' (Pore Unclogging Scrub) as my face wash. It really works. It doesn't use Benzoyl Peroxide, as many washes do. It uses salyciclic acid. It also has these little beads in the mixture that exfoliate as you scrub. You can actually feel it working as it has this menthol effect on your skin - but it doesnt smell like menthol at all! It's really good. You start off by splashing steamy water on your face, to remove any on surface dirt and to open up the pores on your face. I have oily skin so I really want to unclog my pores. This stuff does the trick! After you wash with hot water, you scrub this stuff on. A little goes a long way. You can feel it working. Once you feel the coolness on your face, you wash off with some warm-hot water. And once you feel all of the sudsiness is gone, spash some cold water to close up those pores! This will ensure that acne will not form as easily, and possibly avoiding them. I've been doing this for a few weeks and I have never seen my face so smooth like this for a long time!

For the Body:
In the summer/spring, use water based and light lotion, such as Olay, Eucerin, EOS, or Lubiderm. I used to use EOS before during the summer, but I couldn't find it at my local Rite Aid or Walmart at all. It had to be ordered and shipped. No thanks! If your skin is still dry in the spring/summer, use Jergens. It's pretty heavy but not that heavy. For winter, I used to oil my legs with Vaseline Body Gel. It really helps. And I'd use Jergens on the rest of my body. My legs get REALLY dry in the winter. And still some in the summer. so it helps. To be more specific, now that it's summer and I couldn't find my EOS Nourish lotion, I use Olay Quench. It's really light, dries instantly on your skin and leaves it feeling cool and smooth. As for my legs, they still get dry at times. Probably because of the hot showers. I use Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. It's creamy but not that heavy. Perfect for spring/summer dry skin.

As for the winter, that's when the problem kicks in. I have dry skin on my arms and my legs get even drier. I end up using the Jergen's lotion all over. Upper and lower body. But my legs still need some more support to lock in that moisture, which is why I oil them. Now, you can use regular baby oil as many people do. But I tend to use Vaseline Coco Radiant Body Gel, which is thick and oil based. It does wonders!

That's all for the body. I'm still working on my hair. It get's itchy sometimes, and I tap it as if I wear a weave. Sending mixed messages. Hair-apy coming soon!

Missing in Action

Well then. It's been a while. I've been missing in action and am a barer of bad news. I have been off-track for a while. So many programs and events with dinners, my mother's cooking, the Biryani and Bhuna, and all of that good ish. I've been telling myself for so long and I try - I last all morning but once it becomes afternoon, there is something so good on the kitchen table or I just see my guilty obsession... hot Cheetos. *Sigh*

But then today, a friend and I decided to go swimming as we had planned a week ago. The weather had reached it's hot peak (I hope!) and summer is in full blast. We were going to go to the Warren Community Center indoor pool with another friend, but he had something come up, and I really did not want to drive all the way to 14 Mile if it's just me and my friend. We could have our own fun locally. And so we did. We went swimming at a nearby beach, the water was okay - not as clean as Stony Creek, but it will do.

We swam for an hour after taking a few pictures of the nearby attractions at the park (statues, giant water fountain, marble stairs, Canadian geese and that kind of stuff). It was the most exercise I've gotten ever since college classes had ended for me. Sad. It was tiring but enjoyable. My kind of exercise. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it a regular thing. Swimming is enjoyable, it's a stress reliever, an osteoporosis aid, calorie burner and stretches muscles. It's the perfect "movement" for me. So I decided that I would come back in the weekend, and try to go for a brisk swim 3 times a week. My friend, being supportive and there, also agreed. It should definitely tone some of this luggage down, especially with the food habit changes.

Nonetheless, was tired the rest of the evening. Came home and took a shower! Had a Hummus Wrap for dinner! :) Another day awaits!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since June 13. (D13-17)

Wow, has it really been that long since a post? Hmm. Damn, must have been pretty busy with all of this stuff. But praise be to God, the hectic part is over. I'm back to my regular schedule now. And I start my diet again tomorrow. These past few days havent been healthy at all because of all the curry and carbs that I have been eating. It's fancy home food. That stuff that your mother makes only when you have special guests come over. Not even regular relatives. It's the kind of food that comes after many months. Lol. So many kinds of Bhunas, Lentils, Basmati, Pilaf, Biryani and all of that south-Asian good ishh.

As delicious as it was, the binge has come to an end. I'm glad it did. Anything that I lost back when I was dieting has for surely come back. As for the even worse news, someone broke my DSLR's lens this morning. No one is confessing and now I'm starting to think that one of the guests have probably broken it. JUST when I was about to send it back to Sony for a repair, it breaks even more and looks neglected - which is deffo not covered by the warranty.

I was planning on spending my money on furniture and paying off half of my credit card but damn. I still haven't been paid yet from work. Argh. Let's see. I just need to pay $185 this month and I'm set. So, God willing, I'll be just fine once I get my check, lol. My older brother also uses my credit card, so he has some to pay as well, which is a whole 'nother amount.

I think I can still buy the lens - the replacement for $50. I also wanted to buy a pair of shelves for $47 on Walmart. One for me and another for the sibling. I think it's an awesome deal. I also have to save a hundred or two every month for my car. My parents paid for most of it, so I want to take responsibility and pay them back, little by little.

Anyways, no financial worries. I'm 18, for God's sake. I just need to make sure I pay my part of the credit card bill and my phone bill. That's about it.

Anywho, another day awaits. Nighty night.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Busy Day (D12)

As soon as I walked out of my house at 10:00am today, I never got a chance to rest through the rest of the day. I skipped breakfast as usual (I know, it's bad of me but I have no appetite at all) and drove to the office. Instead having a usual day of doing paperwork and whatnot, I ended up doing some cleaning work with some of the kids that study at the place. I had a skinny can of guava juice to keep myself (stomach) calm. I also had some chips that I got - which I really shouldnt have.We ended up cleaning the entire building. Basement and all. I rented out a carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpet as it had been a while for a public building. 

It took hours for us to clean the building. So much carpet. Oh God, the carpet. I hate carpet. I... spit on it! Joke. But all things aside, I dislike carpet. It was about 5pm when we finished half of the building's carpet. I had a small can of Red Bull (it has been months since I had a can and I missed that Taurine/Tonic flavor, and I then had to go to Meijer's to pick up a cake and then do some shopping at Krogers. That took about 2 hours. I came back to Hamtramck at 8pm, and went straight back to the office. That's right, skipped lunch accidentally. Lol. 

I then set up the RF modulator so that I can broadcast the event in the other rooms of the facility on televisions and online on our website. That ish took forever as we couldn't find the charger to any of the video cameras. By the time I finished, it was 10:30pm. I finally called it a day and drove home for dinner. I ended up eating 2 pieces of Naan. BAD mistake. And some Bhuna, again, BAD mistake. Sigh. Oh well. I'm tired as hell. I just want some sleep. But I still have to wake up at the same time tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Screwed Up Today. Again. (D11)

Luckily, I got up at 9:30 and then went to the office. Created 2 documents (HR document and a CV for someone), created 8 invoices, sent out a mass email (115 recipients, LOL), filled out a business license renewal app and that security system app they sent with it and went to the city to drop it off. Then they wanted the 50c3 papers with it so I went back to the office and printed out a copy, went back to the city and turned it in. Came home, ate lunch, went out on an errand and then dropped off the invoices at various locations. Still have to drop off the ones at the two doctor offices, but it was already closing time for them (well, close to it). I then called it quits and finally came home. After that I just wanted to take a nap. (Who wouldn't) I recuperated with a nap for an hour and got back up. I had a snack and was about to head out to Meijer's for some groceries. But then my brother tells me that my father already had it covered.

My evening was a completely different story. Or the opposite, I should say. I did not do anything except sit on the front porch enjoying the calm before a storm. The skies turned a pale grey, and the tears from the clouds fell. A calm rumble of thunder and the distant lightning in the horizon. I sat there in peace, as the calm of the storm was palpable. As the last few drops of the heavy rain poured, I went back in. I prayed. I then went to my room and logged on to Facebook and browsed around for a while. It was then when I realized that I haven't been doing so well these past few days... foodwise of course!

Sigh, the past few diet days haven't been going very well. I'll start fresh again tomorrow. Today (D11), I had tea for breakfast, accompanied with some blueberries. Then for lunch, I had 2 and 1/2 Chapattis (Indian Wheat Tortilla) with two curries: Veal Bhuna and Kaddhai Chicken =\ It's really hard to resist good Desi food. The rich flavors of the curried meat, the exotic star anis, cumin and coriander. Ahh. Nonetheless, I'm a a TOTAL sucker for Bhuna. Even though it was veal, it was so good. I'm not a big fan of veal as I find it too tender and jelly like sometimes - especially when there is a high fat content. So much fat is rendered out into it's own gravy. At around 6, I had an omelette with a whole wheat pita. It was too good to resist, as well. Ahh. I hate myself. I also had guava juice later that evening. I loves me some guava.

I feel like slapping myself for eating all of that. Especially the veal, chapattis and pita. Damn it. For dinner, I don't even know what to eat. Looks like it's going to be cauliflower and chicken.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Mess of a Person (D8-10)

Alrighty. So thing's have finally calmed down and I'm not as busy anymore. For now! Another event awaits this weekend and I feel the PR and Media work coming. I guess it's time to brace myself in a few days. I told myself that I would fix my websites: the photography, the culinary, and my personal (this) blogspot. I started on the photography site in the afternoon during my shift at our store, but then I just didn't feel comfortable doing it there. I said I'd do it when I get home.

I got home at around 3:15pm - it was time for lunch. I ended up having Beef Bhuna with a Cilantro Chili Lime sauce and a Whole Wheat Pita slice. I couldn't help myself. My friends all know that it's my weakness. Oh it's saucy goodness. I wasn't supposed to eat the pita. Oh the delicious carbs. The problem with eating Bhuna is that is has loads of pureed onions in the original curry base. Onions = carbs. But it's acceptable because they're complex and natural carbs in it's raw form. But then comes the oil and beef. My mom never uses olive oil for cooking as she finds using soy bean or canola oil much more economic. Bhunas require a lot of oil as it helps coat the meat very well with the spices. Another thing is that I'm not supposed to have red meat. *sigh*. Especially beef.

After serving up a bowl of bhuna and grabbing a slice of pita, I head on over to the living room and loaded a movie on the flix. We ended up watching this one horror movie. I watch movies on my own terms. I don't let others judge or rate the movie for me. I give them a chance, lol. Nonetheless, it was one of those movies that leave you thinking WTF at the end. After the movie, I got took a 30 minute rest. I uploaded some pictures on Flickr and got a little work done. I then get a call from a cousin to help shop for her graduation party.

We ended up going to Meijer. They barely know their way out of Hamtramck, so I drove them around. We placed an order on a butter-cream frosting marble half sheet marble cake for $35. It was a novelty one too, so I guess it was decently priced. We also got some decor for the party, which was pretty fun. I then took them to Dollar Tree to shop for party plates and cups. After half an hour of trying to decide, we checked out and ended up going to Burlingtons. We spent a while there as they looked for gifts to bring to their other friend's grad parties. All I could say is that they got good deals and I did some eye shopping, if you know what I mean.

We got back around 9:45pm, and I got hungry. I ended up eating a few florets of cauliflower with a small piece of chicken breast and tossed in a little bit of oil with spices. It was great and all but not satisfying. I ended up eating two pieces of small chicken wings with that cilantro chili sauce from before. As soon as I get to my room to start editing, I get called downstairs and my parents start having a talk with the older one and I. My father is saying that people tell him that he has such good kids and stuff and how he wants us to stay like that and not get into any kind of trouble, especially one that can affect one's family reputation. I'm almost in my 20s. I got better things to worry about - like finding a job. He's turning 21 in 10 days and he's busy with school. We're better than that. Or at least, I hope.

After all that, I went to take a shower and by the time I got out, it was already 1am. So here I am now. Writing this. I did something horrible today. I ate. I ate chocolate. And caramel. And peanuts. Sugar. I hate myself. That and that bag of Cheetos was the mistake I made today.

Here is my food diary today (D10):
Brunch: Chicken (1 thigh) with Cilantro Sauce
Late Lunch: Beef Bhuna with Whole Wheat Pita & Cilantro Sauce
Misc (My mistakes): A few Chocolate & Peanut clusters, salted caramel with milk chocolate, two chocolate covered pretzels, and a bag of cheetos.
Dinner: 1/3 cup of chopped cauliflower with piece of Chicken Breast. 2 Small chicken wings with Cilantro sauce.

As for yesterday (D9), it too was a mess. I had 4 mini samosas for breakfast, some Dhal with a little bit of light basmati pilaf for lunch, 3 more mini samosas throughout the day, and a low fat chicken naan pizza made with naan (as crust), fat free cheese, shredded chicken (left over fried chicken), cauliflower and mushrooms.

As for the day before that (D8), we had a program. I don't even want to discuss about the crap that I ate. I screwed up BIG TIME that day, food wise of course.

Sigh. I screwed up today. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll do better. Another day awaits.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Well, Then. (D5-7)

It's been quite a week. I've been extremely busy for the past few days. Doing some PR work and it's taking forever. I still have to set up a presentation I have to give tomorrow at a fundraising dinner - which our store will be catering for. The kitchen smells of roasted chicken, many kinds of masalas, the fresh cilantro and chili.

Alright, so it's time for some good news. By God's will, insha'Allah, we may move on August 6, or whenever the day after the upcoming Eid is. The people who lease out our other house house will complete their lease in July, which makes it easier on us as we don't have to lift around heavy boxes while we are fasting (as Ramadan will be during the month of July). My father and brother don't seem as excited as my mother and I to move. They want to wait one more year to get our business in Hamtramck settled. I've been trying to keep myself calm about getting out of this area since 2011. Remember my post about buying a new house back in 2011? I found out a few weeks ago that my friend moved just a few blocks away over there, and his sister lives on my street there too. The mall is about 3 miles away, the move theater is just a mile away, Dunkin Donuts down the streets, everything is just a short drive away. Anyways, enough about that.

We have decided what the room schemes/themes will be:
  • Mother's room - Old World Italian
  • My Room: Modern Luxury
  • Hall Way: Traditional/Transitional
  • Living Room: Italian
  • Family/Great Room: Contemporary
  • Kitchen/Dining: Country
  • 2nd Hall Way (to Garage, Bathroom #2 and Basement): Contemporary 
  • Bathroom #1: Luxury
  • Bathroom #2: Eclectic 
  • Patio: Tuscan Garden w/Outdoor Kitchen
  • Front: Stone with Landscaping 
  • As for the Basement, that will be another post ;) 

I also gave some bad news to balance out the good. My lens for my camera became nonfunctional. I mean, they still function but the barrel for zooming is stuck. I can only focus - which is also kind of messed up as it grinds and not smooth. I dont know how this happened, but I'm sending it to the Sony repair center in Texas soon. After the event on June 16 & 17, that is.

As for my food diary, its been quite a mess. On day 5, I stuck to my regular low-carb diet, but yesterday (day 6), I had to fast. I had carbs at 4am in the morning so I can fast the whole day until 9:15pm, when I also broke my fast with carbs. I felt so bloated. But that's a good sign. It means that my stomach capacity has shrunk. Today (7), I ended up eating a fried chicken wonton roll and half a bag of these Indian chips. I couldnt resist myself as it was a new product and was my only chance to try it out. Then, I got home and make Kofta Curry out of Chicken Meatballs. I also ate an egg white omelette with mushrooms and fat free cheddar. But then I had 1 and 1/2 whole wheat pitas with Beef & Potato curry. I couldnt resist. I'm planning on skipping dinner or having a hard boiled egg without the yolk for dinner tonight. Whatever works out.

Another day awaits...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3 & 4. That Fast?

Ah. I feel so bloated. Why did I have that Tang? Oh the carbs. I'm gonna pay for this. Sweet delicious gut busting carbs. I had succumbed to temptation today. No, not hanky panky a'la skanky. I meant my food desires. I went out to Checker's and got myself a large order of fries. I feel like shit now.

My food diary for  today was: Samosa and Propel Zero for breakfast, a whole wheat pita with Egg Curry (bad, Raizin!), and then I had cheated and gotten myself a large order of fries around 7pm, and for dinner, I'm really not in the mood. I think those fries are still in my stomach. So I'll just finish up this glass of Tang. I was craving a glass of juice, so I thought why not get that Vitamin C?! Although, I do agree that I should limit myself to all natural 100% fruit juices/pulp juice.

My food diary for yesterday: I had Green Tea for breakfast. I got home around 2:00pm and had a Tuna Salad (made with a can of tuna, deviled egg white, onion, a leaf of lettuce, and a tablespoon of spinach dip). For dinner, I had about 1 whole wheat pita and Beef Bhuna. Sigh. I shouldnt have done that.

I realized that I've been eating pita for two days now. I'm not supposed to, whether it's whole wheat or not! I'm trying to avoid the carbs. Same goes for curry and bhuna. That stuff is loaded with oils and onions, not to mention the beef too - no dark or red meat!

As for the day, it went okay. I sent in the ad papers one more time and actually called up the lady at Color Point Print and she said it seemed fine. My green light! No more worries about that. I also got my license plate for my car! Yaay! I can drive it again. But daaamn, gas prices went up high! I'm waiting for a day to fill up my tank again. Just not tomorrow. I also got my credit card bill in the mail today. Lol. I did raise the balance by $80 - BUT I bought a few necessary things for my car, such as a steering club lock and matching floor mats.

Today seemed to be an ordinary day, I guess. Nothing else is on my mind. Oh well, another day awaits!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunny Sunday. Day 2 of Diet.

Today was a rather normal day. Went to "work" and set up for a program there. I wasn't expecting there to be light snacks, but turns out there was actually quite a few things. Someone had given a tray full of Alfredo Pasta, a Chicken Sikh Kebob platter, and a tray of spiced and roasted potatoes. I did a pretty good job of avoiding everything, and yes, I accidentally skipped breakfast again. When it came to serve the potatoes, my eyes just glowed. They were those mini waxed potatoes that were roasted with spices and butter and then broiled til brown and caramelized. And I'm a sucker for roasted veggies. 

I hate my self for this, but I had 4 of those. Yes, four mini golden wax potatoes. Oh god, the starchy goodness. It's going straight for the thighs (I hope not). I had realized what I'd done and decided to finish with a tall bottle of water. I then decided to call that brunch, as I had skipped breakfast and have eaten too much to have a lunch. Nonetheless, it was time to wrap up and go home. It was about 3:00pm when I arrived at my door step, and I had just remembered to grab the camera tri-pod from the car. I was going to do a short YouTube video - just for fun and to see how it goes. I took a quick shower and got dressed into my PJs and started filming my sketch. Done with the first 2 minutes and then, oooh look, the cat just walked in. And then, BANG.

The tripod had tipped over and the camera fell on it's lens on to a floor board. I got scared because it was a thousand dollar camera and it hasn't even been a year since I got it. I see that it's still turned on, which is a good sign. But then, when I twist the lens (for a full-frame or macro), it wouldn't move as it did before. It used to just glide, especially on manual focus, but now, it grinds - which means that I wont be able to do auto focus with those lenses anymore. :( Boohoo. 

Friggin cat. No, I kid - it was my fault for not securing the tripod before letting go of it. In a way, I'm relived that it wasn't the camera body that got damaged. Anyways, I called it quits and decided to go grocery shopping, just like I said yesterday!

I walked into Al-Haramin, my favorite grocery store in the entire city to buy a few things. Number one on the list: lettuce. Personally, I hate ice-berg lettuce. Yeah its cheap, but it has a lot of the bitter white parts - which I HATE. I cant stand the bitterness. I wasn't a fan of romaine lettuce either because after separating the leaves, I would have to make a triangular cut on every leaf to get the nasty white bitter part out. Before, I used to give it to the bunny, but now I just throw it out. They didn't have my usual green leafy lettuce today. I loved those because it's mostly leaf and the stems (the white part) is really thin and small. So I had to get the romaine. Next: Minced Chicken (ground chicken). I wanted to make baked Kebobs and freeze them for everyday use. I would just need to reheat a few and add them to my salads or just eat them as is. As I was walking down the aisle to get to the butcher, I saw the cheese selection. Cheese has no carbs (low-carb too) but it's pretty fatty. However, this one brand of cheese caught my eye. Fat Free Cheese? Alrighty then. But I need something strong so I can use less of it. I ended up getting the sharp cheddar. Good choice! I also saw some mushrooms on sale, so I grabbed those too. I checked out, walked out the store, spending only a few dollars (I'm a smart shopper, hehe), and drove home.

It was time to mow the lawn. I guess it would cut down the carbs and calories from the potatoes I had at noon. I mowed the backyard and front yard and called it a day. I ended up going to and playing at a soccer game with a few of the local kids. I only played for 30 minutes as I wasn't in proper attire and was jiggling all over the place. I came home to start on my kebobs.

It was a bit more than a pound of chicken with some pre-sauteed onions, garlic, chili powder, cumin, coriander, sharp cheddar cheese, some lemon juice, Shan BBQ Sikh Kabob spice, salt and pepper. I started off my washing the minced chicken - I know I sound crazy for doing this, but in my family, we always do this with any meat, minced or not. I then dice half an onion and smash a few cloves of garlic. I take a nonstick skillet and start wilting the onions without any oil. A job well done. I add some garlic and a teaspoon of chili powder. The garlic started to carmalise and I wanted to deglaze before it starts burning. I added just a small splash of lemon juice and then transferred the onion mixture in the bowl. I give it a good mix and add all of the spices. I let it rest in the fridge for an hour and then make small little mini sausage sized rolls on a baking sheet. I baked them at 450F for about 20 minutes, until they're white with a few golden spots. It's chicken breast. White means cooked! Overcooking will make it tough, especially when you plan on reheating them. 

I kept 3 and added them to a simple salad and froze the rest. I guess I did pretty good for today's diet. Oh well. Not much of an exciting day, I guess. Oh well. That's enough for tonight.

Another day awaits. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st. Also Day 1 of Diet.

Alright. After all of the nuisance yesterday, I've decided that I should start my diet. It went okay, but not as I planned. Turns out, I was lacking a  lot of things in the fridge and pantry. I got up for work this morning and skipped breakfast - accidentally. I am just so unused to eating breakfast and I usually go on my day without it. On a work day, I usually just have a cup of caffeine-free green tea. But when it was time for my tea, there was only chamomile. It's okay, I guess - there is no nutritional value to it at all, especially when sweetened with Equal sugar.

I didn't get any computer-required work done today. I prepared outgoing mail and whatnot. Nonetheless, the morning wasn't that busy. Dad made fried in the store's kitchen for the hot food buffet thing. Surprisingly, all of it was sold out. But there were some Somosas and (I guess I can call it this...?) Indian Tater Tots left over. I think he'll just refrigerate them and stick them in the oven to reheat for tomorrow. I didn't get to drink any water at all. I absolutely hate drinking tap water (unless it's at home), so I had to wait until I got off and get myself a bottle.

After work, I went to our store and sent dad home for lunch. I had one of those Tater Tots out of curiosity. They just looked so big and golden and I was wondering what it was. I bit into it, and realized that it wasn't worth it (as delicious as it was). It was mashed potatoes, cilantro, Thai chili peppers, salt, and a breaded crust. I was in the mood for some juice, seeing that I didn't get much "fluid" in me. I had a few choices: soda, energy drinks, tamarind juice, or Propel. Obviously, I went with the zero cal/carb grape flavored Propel.

I then went home as soon as my dad came back, and decided to take a nap. It would help time pass. By the time I woke up, it was almost sunset. I took a walk to the dollar store to buy the cat a litter scoop, but turns out they were closed. LOL. Oh well. I then used the sifter that came with the litter box and got that done. I took a bath and decided to make dinner. I went through the fridge and could not find anything that would be considered healthy. I got frustrated until I saw a carton of eggs. I grabbed two of them and separated the yolks from them. I'm not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, so I made an omelette with onions, 3 different kinds of pepper, cilantro, a little dash of curry powder and some salt. I served it on top of a very flat home-made rice flour tortilla with some spinach dip. I made sure to drink a big mug of ice cold water so that I feel extra satisfied.

And I guess that was the end of my day. Another day awaits.

P.S. I'm planning on going grocery shopping tomorrow. Or at least, I hope. My damn temporary license plate expired and the actual one is still at my car's dealer. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Well, Well, Looks Who's Back!

Look's like it's been about a year and two month since I've abandoned my blog. Yeah, I graduated and finished my first year of college and stuff. Other than that, I guess I'm still the same. I've had a few things on my mind and I needed to just let my thoughts out - so I thought this would be the best place. Personally, I hate writing things down, so a blog seemed to suffice.

Today was just a day full of confusion and depression. First, someone yells at me for not doing my "job" and that I was lacking productiveness. And I'll be honest, I really don't want to be doing so much at one time. I want the summer to myself - well, most of it anyways. However, I do get my work done. It may take some time and it may not be perfect but it's damn well completed. I'm human and I make mistakes, some stupid and silly ones and some complicated ones too. Oh well, not much I can do about it.

After noon, I was at the mosque praying and then I get a SMS from my friend that another one of my best friend's father had passed away. I was in disbelief, but then got worried for her. We haven't been in contact for a while and it was really hard to get a hold of her because she had no phone. I called up another friend who lived near her and I heard her voice... sobbing and wailing. I couldn't understand a single word. My heart just melted and her cry sent a chill down my spine. The least I could do for her is to go to the funeral.

So I did go, and it was packed! We prayed and had the service and I saw some of my other friends there who came to show support. We all left together and went home. I got home around 10:30pm and started making dinner for myself - a Chicken and Tortilla Salad. I also made some desert-style oatmeal for later or possibly the day after for a snack. I ate my salad and went to my room and got on the computer for some browsing and FB-ing. I then get called downstairs... that's when the drama started.

At first, my father went off on me and started complaining about how I've been slacking at "work" lately. He was yelling at me that I barely do anything and that he receives a lot of complaints - which I've already dealt with in the morning so I really didn't feel like explaining myself. Then he tells me that the flyer I created for our store (oh yeah, forgot to mention - we opened up a grocery store in January 2013) was rejected for the 2nd time. He was yelling at me because the lady from the printing company called back and said that I sent the wrong size. I was just baffled. I went back on my computer for the file and I saw that I sent the right one, so I really don't know what the hell all the confusion is.

Secondly, my mother goes off on me about my fatness and my eating habits. She says that I eat too much and that I am the fattest/biggest person in the family. She then asks what I ate today - everything that was put in my mouth. I told her exactly what I had: A wrap for breakfast, rice and potato for lunch, a samosa for a snack in the evening, and a salad (made with shredded chicken that was pan seared in A1 sauce, crumbled tostadas, 1 slice of bread that I toasted with seasoning to use a croutons, a handful or two of lettuce, and spinach dip to bind it all together). That was it. Just 4 things today. And yet, she complains that I have eaten too much? What is this f**kery?!

I don't know. I guess today was a bad day. But nonetheless, I am still living. That's enough for tonight.