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Friday, May 31, 2013

Well, Well, Looks Who's Back!

Look's like it's been about a year and two month since I've abandoned my blog. Yeah, I graduated and finished my first year of college and stuff. Other than that, I guess I'm still the same. I've had a few things on my mind and I needed to just let my thoughts out - so I thought this would be the best place. Personally, I hate writing things down, so a blog seemed to suffice.

Today was just a day full of confusion and depression. First, someone yells at me for not doing my "job" and that I was lacking productiveness. And I'll be honest, I really don't want to be doing so much at one time. I want the summer to myself - well, most of it anyways. However, I do get my work done. It may take some time and it may not be perfect but it's damn well completed. I'm human and I make mistakes, some stupid and silly ones and some complicated ones too. Oh well, not much I can do about it.

After noon, I was at the mosque praying and then I get a SMS from my friend that another one of my best friend's father had passed away. I was in disbelief, but then got worried for her. We haven't been in contact for a while and it was really hard to get a hold of her because she had no phone. I called up another friend who lived near her and I heard her voice... sobbing and wailing. I couldn't understand a single word. My heart just melted and her cry sent a chill down my spine. The least I could do for her is to go to the funeral.

So I did go, and it was packed! We prayed and had the service and I saw some of my other friends there who came to show support. We all left together and went home. I got home around 10:30pm and started making dinner for myself - a Chicken and Tortilla Salad. I also made some desert-style oatmeal for later or possibly the day after for a snack. I ate my salad and went to my room and got on the computer for some browsing and FB-ing. I then get called downstairs... that's when the drama started.

At first, my father went off on me and started complaining about how I've been slacking at "work" lately. He was yelling at me that I barely do anything and that he receives a lot of complaints - which I've already dealt with in the morning so I really didn't feel like explaining myself. Then he tells me that the flyer I created for our store (oh yeah, forgot to mention - we opened up a grocery store in January 2013) was rejected for the 2nd time. He was yelling at me because the lady from the printing company called back and said that I sent the wrong size. I was just baffled. I went back on my computer for the file and I saw that I sent the right one, so I really don't know what the hell all the confusion is.

Secondly, my mother goes off on me about my fatness and my eating habits. She says that I eat too much and that I am the fattest/biggest person in the family. She then asks what I ate today - everything that was put in my mouth. I told her exactly what I had: A wrap for breakfast, rice and potato for lunch, a samosa for a snack in the evening, and a salad (made with shredded chicken that was pan seared in A1 sauce, crumbled tostadas, 1 slice of bread that I toasted with seasoning to use a croutons, a handful or two of lettuce, and spinach dip to bind it all together). That was it. Just 4 things today. And yet, she complains that I have eaten too much? What is this f**kery?!

I don't know. I guess today was a bad day. But nonetheless, I am still living. That's enough for tonight.