Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Missing in Action

Well then. It's been a while. I've been missing in action and am a barer of bad news. I have been off-track for a while. So many programs and events with dinners, my mother's cooking, the Biryani and Bhuna, and all of that good ish. I've been telling myself for so long and I try - I last all morning but once it becomes afternoon, there is something so good on the kitchen table or I just see my guilty obsession... hot Cheetos. *Sigh*

But then today, a friend and I decided to go swimming as we had planned a week ago. The weather had reached it's hot peak (I hope!) and summer is in full blast. We were going to go to the Warren Community Center indoor pool with another friend, but he had something come up, and I really did not want to drive all the way to 14 Mile if it's just me and my friend. We could have our own fun locally. And so we did. We went swimming at a nearby beach, the water was okay - not as clean as Stony Creek, but it will do.

We swam for an hour after taking a few pictures of the nearby attractions at the park (statues, giant water fountain, marble stairs, Canadian geese and that kind of stuff). It was the most exercise I've gotten ever since college classes had ended for me. Sad. It was tiring but enjoyable. My kind of exercise. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it a regular thing. Swimming is enjoyable, it's a stress reliever, an osteoporosis aid, calorie burner and stretches muscles. It's the perfect "movement" for me. So I decided that I would come back in the weekend, and try to go for a brisk swim 3 times a week. My friend, being supportive and there, also agreed. It should definitely tone some of this luggage down, especially with the food habit changes.

Nonetheless, was tired the rest of the evening. Came home and took a shower! Had a Hummus Wrap for dinner! :) Another day awaits!


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