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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hamtrashy Cops

Hamtramck Cops are so fucking rude! Fucking bitches need to learn some manners, and stop asking questions so curtly!

-Firstly, they really need more diversity in the force. All I've been seeing are white officers. So far, I havent seen a single Arab, Asian, or Black person on the force, although I've heard a friend speaking of a black person on the force.

-Secondly, their asses need some courses in manners. They have to speak politely when they are questioning or dealing with someone who is also polite and cooperating. If a cop acts like a total bitch to you, then of course you're gonna get pretty pissed off. If the person is a thug or someone who is not cooperating and rude then he deserves that kid of tone.

I dont want to bad mouth my own city. The city I grew up in. But I cant take anymore.

Lmfao! Im keeping my future children away from Disney! Lol.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom: "Give others a piece of your heart, not a piece of your mind."

I Have The Courage to Pursue What I Want In Life... Do you?

Heyz Bwitchez ;)

Octooooooberrrr :) One of my favorite months! Halloween, three of my friends birthday, and its the predecessor of November (my birfday month).

So to start off, I had recently gotten a bunny (well, maybe not so recent, but hey! Less than a month ago!). His name is Finn and he is an oreo style domesticated bunny <3 He loves playing and eating... and pooping... a lot! Shit, I have to empty out his crap bin a lot but still, he is potty trained =)

We got him from a friend who recently bought another bunny after Finn. It was a baby and Finn is a young adult, and they didnt really go together, *cough*PEDOPILIA*cough*.

Its been almost two months of Senior year, and it is very very very hectic. The class cant decide on things for shit, and Senior meetings are usually debates and arguments over things/ideas. It took a whole month just to decide on a simple hoodie. Seriously, it shouldnt take that long to agree on things. Then we have this Accelerated Readers shit in English Class and it is pure bull-shit to me. There, I said it. They say its supposed to help you, but... in the long run, yeah, but still. I dont really have the patience and commitment to sit down and read a damn book for 15 minutes out of pressure. Either I do it, or its 20% off my Eng12 grade. So I decided to save my ass from that. Then we have PreCalc. Like seriously, WTF is this shit. I have no idea what she even lectures about.

However, the hardest class I have is Psychology. My average test scores arent looking that good >.> Never really liked Psychology, but now... I hate it. How can such an awesome teacher teach such a long and broad and confusing subject? But thank GOD, the counselor said she will give me HS Art for 2nd semester. :)

College search has been going okay. It took a very long time to get Wayne State University to schedule an onsite admissions date but at least we FINALLY got them! I already applied at the University of Michigan (Dearborn...ahem) and will only go there if I get a scholarship. Those are the only two colleges I actually see myself going to. The others are just crap, too far, too expensive, or doesnt have the right major.

PS-- And Yes, I've decided to go Trick-or-Treating this year... as a dead Justin Bieber! Lmfao! Im dead-ass serious. Long old JB blond hair, and some white boy clothing with a hoodie, and some face paint.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Raizin, Bitch ;)

A month of school has gone and passed (a little redundant, LOL), and we're neck deep in our studies. So far, Psychology class has been the most boring class of all! It's not the teacher's fault or anything, but damn, there's so many "psychological approaches" to so many scenarios! Smh. Precalc's also a pain in the ass. Shit, imagine what college level calculus will be like. Anatomy/Physiology is my favorite class so far! The human body is so interesting, and as you might not know, I love the field of health sciences. 

I've also been going to LA Fitness for a month now. I do regular exercises, 6 times a week. Running on the elliptical/treadmill, spreading arms in and out with weights using the "Pectoral Fly" machine, getting rid of my "love handles" or what ever they call it with the "Ab Coaster", doing at least 100 sit ups with this sit up thingy, and then a whole lot of swimming. I've lost 10 pounds so far, which is pretty good. Im not on a diet anyways, otherwise I would have lost a whole lot more.

It's my senior year, I need a job -__- I signed up for my segment II classes for my license, and I'll be able to get a car soon. I've applied at like 9 different places already for a job. Macys, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Colvers, McDonalds, and so many places. I feel like I'm violating my personal information by using it so many times.