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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy November!

Hey everyone! Happy November, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday to me. Lol. Thanksgiving went awesome this year. We had a giant Turkey, Mac’n Cheese, Gravy, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Stew, Corn, Apple Pie, and Ice-creame. :) Everything home made during noon. Damn that oven was on for soooo long. But now, we’re having a Post-Thanksgiving dinner party for family on this upcoming Sunday. I’ve already decided on the menu - A Turkey with a Desi twist. It will have Tandoori marinade and different kinds of spices. Then I will have a chicken and bean soup. Then some Biryani. And those are the main stuff. We will still have the side things like mashed potatoes, and Corn Bread Stuffing.

My Birthday is coming up this week :D Woohoo. That means I can start my PhotoDiary. I will take a picture everyday, and have a description. That photo will resemble the highlight of my day. :D

Also - I got accepted to Wayne State University! Yay! Now, time to ditch the University of Michigan and drop my admission there. Wish me luck.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Future -- Explained

So a lot of people ask me "what are you gonna be in your life?". Hmmm... I will give an answer but I cant guarantee that it will go as planned.

Well, lets start off with education.
I will graduate this upcoming June (2012). I have applied to the university of Michigan, got accepted, received the scholarship, but my ass still ain't going there. Too much driving, very confusing campus, and classes are advanced. I've decided to go to Wayne state university for my undergraduate studies. ♥ their tuition is lower, quality education, and in downtown Detroit. I wanted a degree in public health, but non of these colloges offer it as an undergraduate course =\ UofM doesn't have a single thing I wanna go into. I've decided to major in health sciences with human nutrition. That way, when I go for my masters in public health, I'll have some background knowledge.  So there we go. Graduation from FIA, Wayne State University for an undergraduates degree in Nutrition. Then to another university for my masters and most likely (98% sure) for PhD.

Now, I'm not gonna be in Michigan my whole life... duh! My career will require a lot of traveling. Once I get my degree, I will sign up with the Red Cross or Peace Corps or some nonprofit relief corporation and travel to developing/underdeveloped nations to provide health services. Once I get my masters, I will work with UNICEF and take on a research position in another country.

But focusing more after receiving my bachelors.
The job I wish to take on after my bachelors is Health Counseling. ;) but not in Michigan. This will require a really populated city. And hehe, if your thinking New York City, then your ass thought right! I want to live in an apartment in Manhattan (kind of expensive, but not with a roommate). This will cost about $2-3,000 dollars a month for a two bedroom rental. Its aiite ;) you get paid like that in new York too :P health counseling jobs usually take place at clinics and hospitals. And we all know there are hundreds of them there.

Now lets fast forward!--
I've comeback from an assignment from Senegal or even India. What do I do know?
Aside from NYC, I've always wanted to live in LA. And that I shall do! But-- I will have my own company there too! A Health Clinic with a Health store (like GNC or Walgreens). With a heavy population, I will get a lot of people coming in. This will give the opportunity to open up other branches in other places. I shall receive grants and become sponsored so that my company can keep growing and provide service.
Those are my educational and career aspirations.